Welcome to The Sausage Shack!!

We now carry a full line of beef, pork, and chicken cuts along with 
fresh ground beef!

Orders placed online for sausage will be ready for a 2 day pick up. 

Cash and credit accepted!

724A West Broadway Street 
Fulton NY 13069

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: Closed


Bacon Cheeseburger – beef bacon cheese 5.99lb

Chicken Wing – chicken hot sauce blue cheese 4.99lb

Chicken Bacon Ranch – chicken bacon ranch 4.99lb

Chicken Marsala – chicken mushroom basil wine 4.99lb

Mild Italian – pork salt pepper fennel 4.99lb

Med. Italian – pork salt pepper fennel crushed red pepper 4.99lb

Hot Italian – pork salt pepper fennel crushed red pepper 4.99lb

Angry Italian – pork salt pepper fennel ( crp) cayenne 4.99lb

Mr.Ziel – pork apple onion bacon 4.99lb

Pulled Pork – pork BBQ sauce( sweet baby rays honey) 4.99lb

Fresh Polish – pork garlic marjoram 4.99lb

Reuben – pork 1000 island swiss cheese krout 4.99lb

The Mahoney – pork garlic bacon cheese 4.99lb

Loaded Mahoney – pork garlic bacon cheese (crp) jalapenos 4.99lb

Tomato Basil – pork tomato and basil 4.99lb

Chorizo – (Mexican Style) pork spices 4.99lb

Taco – pork homemade taco seasoning cheddar cheese 4.99lb

Adirondack – pork apple cheddar maple syrup 4.99lb

Pizza – pork Italian spices 4.99lb

T J’s XXX – pork tj’s xxx 4.99lb

Grandpa Gene’s Breakfast Sausage – pork spices 4.99lb



Ground Round 4.89lb

Delmonico Steaks 9.99lb

N.Y. Strip Steaks 8.99lb

Shaved Steak 4.99lb

Boneless Chicken Breasts 3.29lb

Margarita Pepperoni 5.99lb

Top Round Roast 4.99lb

Pork Butt Roast 2.99lb

Boneless Pork Chops 3.99lb

Bacon 5.99lb

Stuffed Pork Chops 4.99lb

Stuffed Chicken Breast 4.99lb

Stuffed NY Strip Steak 8.99lb

Stew Beef 3.99lb

Meat Ball Mix 4.29lb

Pork Loin Roast 3.99lb


Cheese/Cold Cuts

River Rat Cheese Curd 7.99lb

Blue Cheese 7.99lb

Wonderbar Bologna 2.99lb

Boiled Ham 3.99lb

Turkey Breast 6.99lb

Provolone Cheese 4.99lb

American cheese 4.99lb

Swiss Cheese 4.99lb

Shredded Cheddar 4.99lb

Italian Olives 4.99lb



2 shack business days ( if you order mon it will be ready wed) after 2 pm.
If not picked up on the that day and we do not hear from you regarding a 
different pick up time it will go in the case for sale.

2.5lb min order per flavor.

Any questions or concernes call the store at ( 315) 297-8439.